Looking for Rodeo Bull Hire?

One of the most sought after entertainment ideas today at parties, events and corporate celebrations is the Rodeo Bull Hire. Packing in happiness in the form of laughter, enjoyment and healthy competition, The Rodeo Bull Hire is the ideal way to keep people engaged.
Whether you are just watching from the sidelines or participating, the bull offers excellent amusement for all. As one of the most dependable and affordable companies in the industry, we offer the following:

  • rodeo bull hire in Leeds,

  • rodeo bull hire in Wakefield,

  • rodeo bull hire in Huddersfield,

  • rodeo bull hire in Bradford,

  • rodeo bull hire in York

Don’t see your area covered? Do contact us on 07832 356577 for rodeo bull hire details in the rest of the UK.

How it works

The rodeo bull hire is completely adjustable and allows you to control its electronic settings at various levels of difficulty. Your operator can set the speed as well as the bucking action to ensure that it is suitable for the rider regardless of the age and expertise level. This ranges from an easy ride for little ones to the vigorous pace for adults.
With the rodeo bull hire, whose motion base is mechanically operated, comes a number of attachments that can be interchanged along with inflatable surrounds available according to themes. One of the most popular is the rodeo bull attachment along with the inflatable bed themed after the American stars and stripes.
There are several inflatable attachments and surrounds available and we encourage you to take a look at the images here to select what appeals to you.
If you would like an inflatable marquee over the rodeo along with flood lighting around the area, we can do that too. This will make the rodeo bull ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, any time of day or night, no matter what weather it is.

Why we are the best choice for rodeo bull hire?
We have built a reputation in setting the standards for corporate entertainment hire. We are committed to providing the most stringent health and safety measures. Rather than just offer a standard galaxy Rodeo Bull hire simulator, we take care to ensure that you get the latest model of the GS engineering rodeo bull manufactured by GS engineering along with the following:

  • State of the art £9,000 equipment from a company that has been in the market for a decade
  • Reassurance of backup staff, equipment and transportation on standby always
  • Experienced and skilled operator at your event
  • Authentic bull hide accessories and mats included
  • Event time tracker on site via digital score timer
  • Safety and fun guaranteed through auto rider cut off

Adequate Public liability insurance and product liability insurance, each to the tune of £5,000,000
Our services include a thorough risk assessment and method statements for the chosen venue.
Get in touch with us for more information or book your rodeo bull hire online here.